Koizumi Lighting Singapore Pte. Ltd. was established on 1st July 2017, as a result of a M&A (merger & acquisition) between Koizumi Lighting Technology Corporation (Japan) and Bizlink Associates (Singapore) Pte Ltd in December 2015.

When founded in 1993, ‘Bizlink – now Koizumi Lighting Singapore’ had a focused vision in wanting to be 'The Lighting Specialist' with the ability to provide good quality light fittings to achieve optimal effect for each and every lighting project it handled.

Over the years, the company has evolved, redefining its expertise in areas like the science of light, and its technicality. It has partnered with globally well-established lighting labels such as Lucifer, XAL, Zumtobel, etc to leverage on their excellent marriage of engineering and design. Today, the company provides end-to-end lighting solutions that span from Supply, Lighting Design Support, Project Management, and Installation to Maintenance. Its professionalism is well respected and its professional expertise, in major and small, public and private projects, are well sought after in the industry.