Koizumi Lighting Singapore (preciously known as Bizlink) has worked with Architects, Engineers, Designers, and Builders to provide solutions that focus on a combination of Supply, Install, Maintenance, and Lighting Design Support for projects around the world.

Catering to commercial buildings and offices, conservation projects, public and private housing, hotels, hospitals, and even factories. Koizumi Lighting Singapore excels in lighting for both the interior as well as the exterior of buildings, and landscaping projects.

In its lighting solutions, Koizumi Lighting Singapore is able to provide the necessary inputs for lighting design and the execution of the lighting plan. The specialist employs sophisticated manufacturer and independent proprietary lighting design software, to generate precise lighting calculations. These are also incorporated on autocad drawings to produce detailed lighting design proposals for the clients.

In supporting the growth of the Industry, Koizumi Lighting Singapore conducts seminars on ‘Illumination trends and technology’, where some of the best intellects in the industry are invited as guest speakers, for an interactive forum. To value-add to their service, they also extend, upon client’s request, tailored in-house training programmes on lighting calculations to meet clients’ needs.